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Noble electricals in a company involved in providing Energy efficient lighting solutions, apart from manufacturing and marketing energy efficient Lights. We provide the following services to the clients as well.

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Our Products

Cove Lighting

Retail Lighting

LED Helios Downlight
LED Arcus Downlight
LED Elite Downlight
LED Magna Blade
LED Daisy Track Light
LED Signum Track Light
LED Sega Track Lights

Commercial Lighting

LED Edge Downlights
LED Ares Downlights
LED Marshal Downlights
LED Surface Mounted Spot Light
LED Eco plus Downlight
Arrow LED Linear Lights

Landscape Lighting

LED Spike Light
LED Wall Washer
LED Outdoor Wall Light & Bulk Head
LED Cylinder Updownlight
LED Bollard and Gate Lights

Industrial Lighting

Led Retrofit Solutions

LED Filament Bulb
Filament Bulb

Led Accessories